Time Management in software testing world

29 марта

Out of the box


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Yonit Trabelsi-Elbaz

QA & SW testing manager, IT & Soft Skill Mentor & Instructor. (AB member), Q-ACT


When we need to prioritizing software testing tasks during the software development life cycle – we can find those tasks ranked last. (no matter what developing model we use!). We find ourselves struggling to succeed to meet the schedules given to us, ensure testing coverage and all of that after adjusting our testing hours. I know, we all might think that we can't change or manage time (let's face it - no one can STOP the watch). Usually a QA tester is getting his overloaded tasks with a limited late deadline. In that way, how can we do our work with a higher level of quality? How can we increase our testing productivity? How can we reduce stress...? And lots more. Despite what we think, we can do it and improve our time by using quality assurance (QA) time management tools & techniques. We can stop procrastinating and start taking responsibility for our tasks. Yes, you can think that the QA testers can't necessarily control all aspects of the testing workday. I can assure you that we can leverage our time management by few techniques to bring balance into our work life and eliminating stress and control that pressure in an area where everything seems to be a slave of that machine called CLOCK. It’s not that easy to stay away from problems, but it is possible. Remember - time management skills are critical for QA success in terms of testing productivity and job satisfaction. Managing our time allows us to produce higher quality work!