Frank Faber

DevOps Test Consultant / DASA Ambassador Vaimo Alten Nederland Нидерланды

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Frank is a DevOps and Test consultant at Alten Nederland. Via Alten he has been seconded to several companies where he worked in Agile and DevOps teams. In these teams he implemented test strategies, with his focus and input on automation. With several teams Frank has experienced the transition to DevOps. The added value of DevOps works is clear to Frank; he would like to become a T-shaped DevOps engineer with know-how of testing. Frank also helps his teams understand what DevOps is, and how you work Agile and DevOps in practice. In addition to his consultancy work, Frank provides training and lectures on DevOps and on testing in an Agile environment. In his role as DASA ambassador Frank wants to bring the fields of DevOps and Testing together, to help discover in which ways these two fields can learn and benefit from each other.

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День 2 — 30 МАРТА

From Test Engineer to DevOps Engineer

Out of the box