Parveen Khan

Quality Practice Lead

Company: CFC

Stream: С

Time: 10:00 - 10:45

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Talk: Let's make cross-functional requirements inclusive!

About Speaker

I have been into testing for 9+ years now working as tester, consultant and now as quality practice lead Any other info about you: Here's the list of talks I have previously done -

Talk: Let's make cross-functional requirements inclusive!

Cross-functional requirements (CFRs), most commonly referred to as Non-functional Requirements (NFRs), form an integral part of software quality. And testing for them and making them as part of the team's process is an absolute necessity for any team that promises to deliver high-quality software to their users. Often, the emphasis that is placed on the functional requirements is not equally placed on the cross-functional requirements in software delivery teams and by the business stakeholders. There could be multiple reasons for teams to make this decision but one of the many reasons I have seen working on different teams is the lack of awareness on how to approach CFRs testing as they come across as really vague, like say testability or maintainability, for example. In this talk, I would like to elaborate on why it is essential to consider testing for cross-functional requirements and introduce an approach to how to include cross-functional requirements and make it as a part of the process. This talk provides the tools and techniques to introduce and implement CFR's within your teams or organizations. I will share a CFR template and I will share the knowledge you need to facilitate your sessions with your teams.