DAY 1, 27 March
12:00 - 12:45


Test Automation Lead
For All


Mesut Durukal is QA & Test Automation Manager at Siemens.
He has a BSc & MSc degree from Boğaziçi University Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He has a 7 years’ experience in Defense Industry, working in Multilocation projects serving as the Manager of Verification & Validation activities. He has then been working in Agile Software Testing projects for 3 years. He is acting as a Product Owner & E2E Test Automation Leader for the QA team.
His expertise includes:
- Project Management
- Agile Methodologies: Scrum Framework
- Software Testing: Test automation in Java & SW testing frameworks
- Cloud Testing (SAP, AWS)
- API testing frameworks: SOAP & Restful Web Services Testing

SPEECH: An Automation Journey: Testing a Cloud-Based Open IoT OS.

In this presentation, management of MindSphere test automation project experiences are told. MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system that is developed by Siemens.
Digitalization is the hottest topic of businesses where companies invest in transforming their processes by leveraging digital technologies. On this trend topic, applied approaches and techniques are explained to construct ideas about the whole testing lifecycle of cloud-based platform, MindSphere. Test levels, priorities, release scopes and regression suites and the structure of the self-developed automation framework with infrastructural components and tools are investigated.
Like all other journeys, there are ramps and landings on the way. Lessons learnt are continuously utilized and processes are improved by evaluating various strategies and adding feedbacks collected from all parties. Some applications have not resulted positively, and the project has reacted as how an agile organization should do. Challenges are listed and actions against them are summarized with visualizing the benefits by comparing before and after situations. The whole progress from the first stages to the last gives an insight about how the project develops and reaches to maturity.
This is the story of automation journey, which is started with a motto: “We are all in the same boat”. The goal is to make insights of a good test management process and best practices.