Lina Zubyte

Head of Quality

Company: Doodle

Stream: А

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Country: Germany

Language: English

Talk: How minimalism helps build high-quality products

About Speaker

Lina Zubyte is a passionate Quality Advocate who loves to ask questions, test, collaborate with diverse departments, and investigate issues. Lina has worked in companies of different sizes (large multinational companies and startups), moved between countries for work, and has had to adapt quickly to get out of her comfort zone. She shares her writings on all things quality at, and you can find her on twitter as @buggylina.

Talk: How minimalism helps build high-quality products

Let’s get a new tool, it will solve our problem” - when I hear this I cringe. I love tools, but a lot of times as humans we tend to overengineer, oversolutionize, and overcomplicate our situations with too quick solutioning. Do we even understand the problem well enough? As a quality analyst, I often ask questions that may be uncomfortable: it’s much easier to try to add a band-aid on a wound than to reflect on how to prevent it altogether. However, it’s necessary. Do not despair, though, I have some good news! It’s… fairly simple. In this talk, I’ll share what thoughts we could take from minimalism and apply them in the exciting world of tech. I’ll remind you of some useful techniques for better efficiency, and, hopefully, inspire you to simplify your work ways.