DAY 1, 22 MAY
14:00 - 14:45


Senior QA Engineer
Moovit company


Igor Goldshmidt holds a Master of SQA certificate from Ness College (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and B.A. in Logistics Management from Bar Ilan University (Israel). The last 7-year he is work in Software QA field. Today Igor is a QA Manager in Sweet Inn company and spearheading testing projects. Also, Igor is Israeli Software Testing Cup Champion 2018. As a passionate testing geek and quality freak, he is a QA researcher, an innovator, the architect of test solutions. The activist of TestIL, biggest testing community in Israel. Also volunteers as a teacher of a QA course at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology. International speaker and blogger.

Talk: Mind Maps is a tool against panic in testing large features.

In an ideal Agile world, we need to cut small features, or rather user stories, and have a enough time to “execute” them during the sprint. But in our world, stories are features and not always few of them, but rather a lot and for all you need to think through and plan testing. And in addition, we come across “Mega” features from which a panic immediately begins, even in the process of reading requirements or "specs." And if you are work with Junior Test Engineer, that is "Houston we have a problem". In my report, I will share the experience of our team, which consists of “Juniors”, which in just a couple of months got rid of the “panic” during the analysis and planning of testing using Mind Maps.