Christian Bromann

Founding Engineer

Company: Stateful

Stream: А

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Country: United States

Language: English

Talk: Component Testing with WebdriverIO

About Speaker

Full-stack Engineer with passion to Open Source and Open Standards. Driven individual with the ability to adapt to any situation and proven potential to grow self and others. I am a quality focused engineer with a background in automation technologies and test driven development.

Talk: Component Testing with WebdriverIO

With more frontend frameworks on the rise web component testing becomes a crucial part of everyones testing stack. It allows to test various features of a single component of your UI and can help to reduce the amount of e2e around it that usually would run slower. There are already many component testing tools available but almost all of them miss an important feature: running the test in an actual browser. While one might argue that running test in a virtual DOM is fine for testing why not just run them in the browser if you can. With WebdriverIO v8 and its new browser runner capabilities, you can now execute unit or component tests directly in the browser with no complicated set-up required and use the power of the WebDriver protocol to seamlessly interact with them, as a user would do. In this session, Christian Bromann, Founding Engineer at Stateful, will tell you all about the new browser runner capabilities and will show case hands on live demos testing components in Vue, Svelte, React or Preact. Be amazed as component testing has never been so easy before!