DAY 1, 27 March
14:00 - 14:45

Technical A

Project lead


Alex is a senior QA engineer and open source hacker with 13+ years of experience. He loves everything open source, public speaking, cooking with wine and riding fast motorcycles!
Alex is the current maintainer of pylint-django and the project lead behind Kiwi TCMS - an open source test case management platform.
Any other info about you: many past talks recorded at (among others, search for my name)
member of Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Macedonian & Spanish testing communities; frequent public speaker; contributor to many open source projects

SPEECH: Static analysis as a test tool

Static analysis tools aka linters are usually the domain of software developers.
They are all about finding code patterns. These can be patterns that would lead to problems for example:
- missing or mismatched permissions
- strings not marked for translation
- not following conventions and team/product policies
- missing or misplaced files which could break the release/packaging process
- using code patterns which don't play well in terms of constraints posed by the various software libraries
Linters can be extended with customized plugins and be turned into a testing tool which sits at the bottom of your testing pyramid.
This presentation will show many examples of code patterns which were considered problematic and how we've turned our linter into an early testing tool for them to avoid introducing bugs to the product under test!