Soft Skills for Testers and Test Managers

Master-class by Graham Bath

Graham Bath is a principal consultant at T-Systems in the division Digital Integration, Agile Testing and uses over 30 years of testing experience to support customers with consultancy, training and test process improvements. Graham is the ISTQB working party chair for the Specialist Level Certified Tester qualification and vice chair of the Advanced & Expert working party. He co-authored the new ISTQB syllabus on Usability Testing. As a member of the German Testing Board Graham as is a frequent presenter and tutorial provider at conferences around the world. He co-authored the book “The Software Test Engineer’s Handbook”.

Duration: 10:00 — 17:00, 6 hours.

Lunch: 13:00 till 14:00

About master-class

This tutorial will give you practical help, tips and ideas which will increase your awareness for “soft skills” issues in testing projects. The tutorial covers a number of important issues concerning soft skills:

  • Relating to different stakeholders

    Testers communicate with many stakeholders and team members, so it’s essential that they know what motivates them and how to interact with them properly. In this section you will learn how to recognize different types of people appreciate their different cultures and communicate with them in the most appropriate way.

  • Asking good questions

    Knowing how to ask “good” questions will help to structure discussions and get the best information from people. In this section you will learn about different types of question, when to use them and when they should be avoided.

  • How to give and receive feedback from people

    Testers rely on their teams to give them feedback about the project. In addition, testers need to give people encouragement and advice on how they can improve their work. In this section, you will learn how to give and receive feedback to give benefit to the project and its staff.

  • Listening

    Testers need to be good listeners. In this section you will learn the “active listening” technique and understand how to detect the “hidden messages” in what people are saying to you.

  • Getting Your Message Across

    This section gives you a wide range of tips on how to get your message across to your audience. It will cover the following areas

        • Presenting do’s and don’ts
        • Reporting do’s and don’ts
        • Body language - tips
        • Getting your message across in 30 seconds
        • Writing good E-Mails

  • Reaching Agreement

    Reaching agreement with people can be difficult, especially if there are a wide range of different views and personalities involved. In this section you will learn

    • How to use “synchronized thinking” to structure group discussions
    • Recognizing and avoiding codependent behavior
    • Dealing with criticism
  • Making Things Happen

    To make things happen, testers and test managers need an understanding of what motivates people and how we should approach the human issues concerning change. In this section you will learn the factors which motivate people and the stages to consider when introducing changes to your project.

Target audience

Testers and Test managers

Required skill

No pre-conditions; Intermediate knowledge of English language

We recommend

Continuous practice of individual skills in the workplace

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