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#1. Who is responsible for Internet Security, Information Security and Physical Security?

#2. Choose the signs of Phishing

#3. You see the pop-up banner on the page with the message “Attention! Alert! Your system is infected with a Malware. Click OK to delete” Choose Your actions:

#4. What is NOT a practice for information security?

#5. Choose the signs of personal information

#6. Why we should classify information/data properly? (Public, Confidential, Private, Secret…..)

#7. The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool is NOT detects classified information/data during:

#8. If You are using encrypted device (Laptop for example), when the hard drive encryption is enabling?

#9. Assume you are testing embedded systems that controls the ATM. Why is security testing so important?

#10. You are going to start penetration testing for one of the largest telecommunication provider in Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Why You need to have or even have to have approval for such testing action?