ISTQB goes Automotive: Foundation Specialist Automotive Software Tester 2.0

30 марта



Язык доклада: Английский Сложность: All levels


Horst Pohlmann

Head of Processes, Methods and Tools / VicePresident, Lemfoerder Electronic GmbH / German Testing Board (GTB)


Testing is the most important activity in quality assurance for software. To ensure that there are enough qualified testers to do the testing, and to make sure that these testers are well trained, the International Software Qualification Board (ISTQB®) introduced the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL®) in 2002. The CTFL program aims at ensuring that all certified testers have a common understanding of software testing – independent of the product domain. So far, more than 600,000 testers worldwide passed the CTFL certification.

However, each product domain has specific characteristics and constraints that must be considered when qualifying testers for that domain. This applies especially to the automotive domain, which has international and national regulations, standards, and technologies. These have a high impact on automotive software testing. Additionally, with the introduction of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, the amount of and higher complexity software in the car is rising significantly.

As international demand is high for qualified automotive software testers, the ISTQB is now introducing the CTFL Specialist Automotive Software Tester 2.0 (CTFL-AuT). This speech describes the development, the objectives, the contents with the CTFL and CTFL-AuT 2.0 qualification program. See also ISTQB Website.