From Test Engineer to DevOps Engineer

30 марта

Out of the box


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Frank Faber

DevOps Test Consultant / DASA Ambassador, Alten Nederland


There is a wall of confusion in IT; Development and Operations have different goals for the same software. Where Development is looking for change, Operations is looking for stability. Between these two opposing goals a wall of confusion rises. Test engineers face many problems, because of this confusion. Different mindsets, non-integrated processes and the blame game are challenges. As a test engineer it is a constant struggle to assure quality and to deal with these challenges. DevOps has been introduced to break down the wall of confusion. But what exactly is DevOps and how is it going the change the role of a test engineer? DevOps is a cultural change which can be described in six core principles. In all these principles quality assurance can make sure people adhere to these principles. I’ve worked as a Test engineer in companies where they introduced DevOps. I was able to make the transition to a DevOps engineer because of my expertise in testing. Within DevOps I was able to focus on the customer needs and take an end-to-end responsibility with my team for services we provide. I started to extend my scope and create tests to assure quality in ways I have not done before. Test engineers can help shift the mindset of development, operations and end-users or customers by having a strong focus on higher quality. We can make quality a team effort! The knowledge and skills of a tester can play a vital role in making the change to DevOps. If you’re willing to become T-shaped you can guide your team and spread your knowledge about quality and testing in all phases of your applications.