Continuous Testing in the Digital Transformation Age

29 Марта



Язык: English Сложность: All levels


Eran Damelin

VP Product and Customer Success, CloudBeat


In the last decade, software has become a key business differentiator for many industries and organizations. Delivering best mobile app and online services is now a major competitive factor in such old and conservative industries as banking and insurance. Companies are now expected to release software much faster and with an exceptional quality. Agile approach and DevOps process are now widely adopted in many organizations worldwide. However, risk assessment and quality management are often done manually or semi-manually in what supposed to be a fully automated process. Continuous Testing helps organizations to quickly test and identify failures in DevOps and Continuous Integration process, providing constant feedback regarding readiness and business risk of released software. It also helps IT and Operations to quickly identify defect leakages and creates a feedback loop between Dev, QA and IT. Nachum will share his experience and best practices of building an efficient Continuous Testing process. Nachum will also show some supporting tools that will make your testing skyrocket. The talk will cover the following topics: QA Challenges in Digital Transformation DevOps & QA – Friends or Enemies Continuous Testing – The Concept Test Automation on Steroids Artificial Intelligence and Continuous Testing Requirements Traceability and Quality Gateways Synthetic Monitoring – QA in Production Creating a Feedback Loop - Dev, QA and IT Tools for Succeeding in Continuous Quality