Agile Performance & Load in DevOps Era

Master-class by Nachum Dimer

Nachum Dimer is performance testing specialist and serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience in software architecture, development, and testing. Nachum has been working with wide range of Israeli and international companies, helping them to build, test and deploy highly scalable, performance-focused applications and systems.

Duration: 10:00 — 17:00, 6 hours.

Lunch: 13:00 till 14:00

About master-class

Performance is one of key risk assessment metrics in software quality and have a dramatic impact on customers satisfaction. In the era of fast internet and fancy mobile devices, a superior user experience is the king!

In DevOps era, performance and load testing becomes especially challenging. Short release cycles and fully automated build and testing processes requires from previously manual load testing work to be fully automated. Creating a proper performance and load testing process as a part of DevOps is absolutely critical to any modern quality-driven organization.

Nachum will share his experience of what it takes to build a successful load testing process and how efficiently execute and analyse performance and load tests of any size and scale, as an integrated part of Continuous Integration. The workshop will focus on practical hands-on sessions and knowledge sharing, based on lessons learned from many projects Nachum was involved in the past 20 years.

Target audience

QA Engineers (manual, automation , performance); DevOps Engineers; Developers with performance orientation.

Required skill

3+ years of experience in QA or software development; Previous experience in JMeter or Selenium is an advantage.

We recommend

Get to know JMeter basics before the workshop.

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